Own mail theme / change example theme

Hi There,

I´ve tried to change the example mail theme. So I changed some values in defaults.php under


but it seems that my changed values remain unused as the mail header color is still the same as before.
Do I have to change the values somewhere else?

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You have to add a line to the /config/config.php file. It is a bad idea to change the example theme. Create a new one!

Theming Nextcloud

Hi Thomas,

yeah I also created a new template - I took a backup of the example theme.

What line?

RTFM! :wink:

put a new theme into the /themes -folder. The theme can be activated by putting 'theme' => 'MyTheme', into the /config/config.php file.

Yeah just found it - sorry :smiley:

I didn´t see the link you posted…embarassing -.-

The other option is to activate the Theming app on the Apps page and change the color on the Admin page. This works w/o a new theme.
But this app is very limited and not a replacement of an own theme.

The theming app is activated and I already used it for the normal theming of nextcloud. But it didn´t seem to work with the mail templates. I will try with an own theme and change the values.

I am having the same issue. Changes made to the wording in the “Mail template editor” app don’t have an effect.