Own dark and light theme css does only work as admin


i have own css on my app, but want to change some colors, depending on if it is light or darkmode. I’ve implemented it like this in css:

 body[data-theme-light] {
    --color-star: red;
--color-thead-font: #ffffff;


 body[data-theme-dark] {

--color-checkmark: #FFFFFF;

and I access it in the css statement like this: var(–color-checkmark),
it works perfect, as long as I am an administrator. As soon as another User access the app,
it doesn’t work anymore.
Can someone help me with that, or does someone has got any similar issues?

In my understanding (and that might be quite wrong), the idea is to not define custom colors but use the existing ones using CSS variables from the server. That way, all apps share a common color theme and palette.

You could (as an administrator) define your own palette based on some neon pink if you prefer that and your users do not complaint. With the approach defined by you, that would not be possible anymore…

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