`overwrite.cli.url` in config.php ― when needed?

Hello Everybody,

in config/config.php I found the directive: overwrite.cli.url set. Since I moved the Installation from one domain to another this still points to the IP of the old server, so it doesn’t make sense anyway.

My question: When do I have to set this, and does it have to an IP or is a domain OK as well.

I am using a docker based Setup (Community Image) behind an nginx.

I have it in my docker install in place pointing to my public domain.
It is definitely required for notify_push maybe other things as well.

Normally you can just run with domain names in the urls, they are needed for proper ssl certificates anyway.

When you start using reverse proxies and/or different domains on the machine (virtual hosts), the script have difficulties or cannot know the real hostname, so you need the overwrite* variables.

Create new shares, make sure the cronjob sends out the notifications and the links they send you are valid.