Overview gives incorrect information

I get this errors on Overview section:

Or in text:

• It was not possible to execute the cron job via CLI. The following technical errors have appeared:
        ○ Your data directory is invalid Ensure there is a file called ".ocdata" in the root of the data directory.
• PHP configuration option output_buffering must be disabled

But a file called “.ocdata” in the root of the data directory exist:

$ sudo ls -la Nextcloud/data | grep .ocdata
-rw-r--r--  1 www-data www-data      0 Feb  3 19:56 .ocdata

And option output_buffering is disabled:

$ sudo cat /var/www/html/nextcloud/.user.ini | grep output_buffering

Nextcloud version 20.0.7

Ok, I fix everything by myself. First error is just a bug, you should to do this:

And the second error fixed after update from php7.2 to php7.4.