Outlook.pst could not be synched

When I open the desktop client on Windows and start synching, the error message is “outlook.pst could not be synched”. Where do I have to go to check what the issue might be please? I have the latest version installed. Thanks, Jana

Your .pst file is probably in use. Quit outlook and try to resync.
May I suggest that syncing pst files is a bad idea (not to mention using pst files whatsoever)

another possible reasen could be that your pst file is too large and beyond the settings of your NC sync settigns.

Thanks robb for your reply. Yes you may suggest this and I am grateful for your input. How do I exclude pst files from synching with Nextcloud? Thanks again.

What about opening the Nextcloud desktop client settings (right click on the tray bar icon), navigating to the directory where the pst files is located and unchecking the file or directory so that it won’t be synced anymore? The manual might help you getting familar with the available functions:


What @j-ed suggests might work. The desktopclient (AFAIK) only lets you choose directories and not file(type)s to sync.
Another option is to exclude pst files server wide. Then your nextcloud admin has to edit the file sync-exclude.lst (on the nextcloud server):

@robb Please tell us what is not a bad idea to use instead of .pst? I really dislike when people say something is bad without an alternative. I know .pst have their issues but what can you actually use instead? we have on-premises exchange with users using outlook and for archiving email it’s basically the only way to do it. I what to hear if you have any good alternative for this.

Sorry, but this is completely offtopic. Backup an Exchange Server and archiving Emails properly are not things the Nextcloud devs had in mind when they designed their product… :wink:

I can only say that that manually creating and syncing PST files on the client computers is neither suitable as a proper backup nor as a legally compliant email archiving solution, where the archive must be immutable and the users must not be able to delete any emails before they get archived.

Anyways… I would strongly recommend to look for a professional backup and archiving solution for your Exchange server, because your current strategy is not a proper solution and will sooner or later lead to data loss. And yes a proper solution will most likely cost you money, but Exchange isn’t exactly free either…

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