Outlook Plugin to send large files

I know office365 has this native but it was be great to allow us outlook/exchange users to us a plugin that automatically uploads to nextcloud server and adds a share link for any file that is larger than X mb before sending it to the recipient


There is an (unmaintained?) thunderbird plugin that does this already. But indeed it would be cool for the outlook users to have one as well.

Something like this from Sharefile would be awesome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KiqrBR7z3U&list=PLSKW9Jc-tCY_t_JgkXK8NvG3url3iF7yU&index=6

You mean something like this?

I have not tested if it works with nextcloud yet.

This should be a nice tool that can be used.
Maybe they can make a nextcloud version?

It’ 's odd to deliver this with a own cloud style :expressionless:

OK. had not seen this https://nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-and-assanti-announce-microsoft-outlook-add-in-to-secure-file-sharing-by-mail/


If you want to also address the enterprise market this is a must have

Our company would like to have an easy to use solution like this https://owncloud.com/outlook-plug-in/