Outlook for android and nextcloudcalender

Hi there.
I have the following problem:
I have davx5 installed on my smartphone and everything works perfectly. With Outlook for Android, I can also add my Nextcloud calendar, but I have no way to add new appointments via Outlook. Even as a standard calendar, I cannot add my Nextcloud calendar in Outlook for Android. Are there any settings or options that I may have overlooked?

Afaik, Outlook doesn’t support a two-way CalDAV sync. You can only subscribe to an existing CalDAV resource in read-only-mode. I would recommend to use the native calendar and contacts apps on your mobile phone and only use Outlook on your desktop PC as described here:

Thank you for the fast answer. Now I have set up my Android calendar. I have already installed the extension for Outlook in Windows. Thank you for the hint and the link.