Outlook calendar doen't synchronize with Google Calendar

Hello, I am trying to synchronize my outlook calendar to my Google calendar but it doesn’t work. Apparently I am configurating everything wright. Any help?.

thanks a lot


outlook to google? in a nextcloud-forum?
sure that this is the right place?

but hey anyways… why not trying caldav synchronizer, though. maybe that addon would work for this purpose as well.
haven’t tried it yet, though

Thanks a los Jimmy forma your nessage. I have finally found a solution through caldav synchronizer. Thanks again

Javier Jiménez

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hey JJ,

i found a howto on exactly your problem. but it’s all in german. so maybe if you’d try google translate with it it maybe would work for you and help you on…

Everything is working wright now. In any case, thanks a lot for your interest Jimmy, I really appreciate it.




605 983 733

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