Outlook addin installed, but not visible in outlook

Hi all,

I’ve tryed to use the latest version of Nextcloud Addin for outlook from the following website

The installation went fine, no error at all.
But i cannot see the addin in my outlook (new message, existing one with attachment…)
Reboot outlook don’t work
Reboot Pc don’t work
Repair the addin don’t work

Help please :frowning:


have you checked if it’s available and turned on in your macro-section?

I have the same issue, cannot see the add-in app in outlook. Tried enable all macros and looked in all plugins but cannot find anything relevant.

I run;

  • Windows 10 1709, fully updated
  • Outlook 2016 32-bit (16.0.8730.2046), fully updated

well there IS no section (afaik) where you can see the add-in. but when you open a new mail you could see 2 new icons in the upper left corner. try those


Restarted outlook and checked where i believe it is but cannot attach anything,

I attach screen snip from new mail.

Not sure where to find the macros section :open_mouth:


Have you tried google it? http://bfy.tw/FXXe

Step 1: Click the File > Options.
Step 2: In the Outlook Options dialog box, click the Trust Center in the left bar.
Step 3: Click the Trust Center Settings button.
Step 4: In the Trust Center dialog box, click the Macro Settings in the left bar.
Step 5: In the Macro Settings section:
To enable all macros, please check the Enable all macros (not recommended; potentially dangerous code can run) option.
Step 6: Click OK buttons in each dialog box.
Step 7: Restart your Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2013 to activate it.

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Problem solved!

I installed first x64 nextcloud app, but it didn’t work. I looked up my outlook client and saw it was x86. So just reinstall the addin with macros enabled and restart outlook it will work!

Thanks for the help it is working now ! Not sure I will keep it tough, letting the macro without security I’m not sure I like that…

It is the very simple step to check your setting tab because it can be missing some time.MS Outlook Support is a good team who is an expert in tech issue.

The method of accessing a Outlook add-on variant varies between Outlook releases. For Outlook 2010, you can access the following list of listings:

  1. Click the File tab in the Outlook menu bar.
  2. Click Options in the navigation bar on the left side.
  3. In the Options window, click Add-Ins in the navigation bar on the left side.
  4. At the top of the list of add-ins, make sure that Syncplicity for Outlook is in the list of Active Application Add-ins , as shown.
    By the way any one know hoe to resolve Gmail Server Error 007.