Out of Sync with two identical clients?

HI there,

after log work (thanks a lot to the few people who contributed answers to my several posts!) I have been able to get my Nextcloud up and running.

Now, I noticed something I´m not quite sure about it yet: I have to clients (desktop, laptop) which do seem to differ a little bit in file size and file count. Also, i noted that allthough the cloud is fully synced and no file changed, sometimes there will be again sync activity when restarting one of my computers.

I have both computers on the same account, so the laptop and the desktop are syncing with the same user name. could this be a problem? should i better have seperate users for laptop and desktop? (note: different persons will of course get different accounts, but its typicall that a user has seperate machines to work on, which may run at the same time or may run at different times)


No, I’m using this setup since years. Also with different OS.
Which Operating System do you use? Which files are the problem?

Using Mac Laptops and desktops with newest Mac OS X. Can not tell if it had to do with certain files.