OUt of Storage Space, but terrabytes available on server

I seem to be having an issue with a setup I have created.

We have a NAS storage server (Terramaster), with 5 hard drives setup up in RAID5 for a total of 21TB of storage.

We installed Nextcloud through Docker, and also Traefik as a reverse proxy, however when uploading files through the sync or web interface to a user with an unlimited quota the action fails as it states there is not enough space on Nextcloud.

The quota is showing as red and nearly full, however the server summary page shows the full 21TB available, even though only around 90GB has been uploaded.

I have the following warnings in my Nextcloud summary page, and wonder if they could be related, and how to fix?

There are some warnings regarding your setup.

  • The reverse proxy header configuration is incorrect, or you are accessing Nextcloud from a trusted proxy. If not, this is a security issue and can allow an attacker to spoof their IP address as visible to the Nextcloud. Further information can be found in the documentation :arrow_upper_right:.

  • You have not set or verified your email server configuration, yet. Please head over to the Basic settings in order to set them. Afterwards, use the “Send email” button below the form to verify your settings.

  • Your installation has no default phone region set. This is required to validate phone numbers in the profile settings without a country code. To allow numbers without a country code, please add “default_phone_region” with the respective ISO 3166-1 code :arrow_upper_right: of the region to your config file.

  • The PHP OPcache module is not properly configured. See the documentation :arrow_upper_right: for more information.

    • The OPcache interned strings buffer is nearly full. To assure that repeating strings can be effectively cached, it is recommended to apply opcache.interned_strings_buffer to your PHP configuration with a value higher than 16.
  • Module php-imagick in this instance has no SVG support. For better compatibility it is recommended to install it.

Do you use wrong partition.

df -h

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and then you might wanna setup a new datadirectory path in config.pbp.

BTW: all of the posted configuration errors should be solved as well… Except maybe for the php-imagick one. It’s only neccessary if you’d deal with own themes.

Results of df -h, which shows the full 22T available.


This was actually a lot easier than I thought, it turned out the issue was not server side, but on the local client where this person was trying to sync from.

They were copying(not cutting) files into the Nextcloud drive, and it was therefore filling up the space on their C:\ drive (local drive). Changing the sync type to streaming instead of keep local files fixed the issue.

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