Out of office? How to?


When an attendee is being added to an event, it’s possible then to click in the “Show busy time” button to see in different colors the attendee’s busy times for the period.
There in the popup shown, there’s an “Out of office” category (and also an “Unknown” one).

What is the way to set busy time as “Out of the office” in calendar for NC users ?

In other words, since now, when I’m out of office, I put in calendar I’m busy for the day(s). But if there’s a way to explicitly mention that I’m out of office, that’s even better.


you can only set your general availability: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/23/user_manual/en/groupware/calendar.html#availability-working-hours

Adding one-off OOO events is not possible right now, the ical standard doesn’t support it: Out of office events · Issue #3305 · nextcloud/calendar · GitHub


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Hi, not supported, OK. Then why is it shown in the the NC/Calendar pop-up? (here in french, ooo is “absent du bureau”).

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Confusing for users.

Check the link I sent you. Not available → out of office. If the French translation should be improve please get active and contribute the string: Log in · Transifex