Out of no where! Encrypt Cert

Anyone have any ideas why out of no where my Let’s Encrypt would seem to fail?

Blax.cloudns.cl was working, I was uploading to the server, and then it just kicked off. I’ve checked ports, router, config.php … I’m blown away and can not figure it out. I have no idea how it’s possible that one second it is working, and the next my browser is claiming it can not establish a secure connection.

When I run grep LISTEN, for my httpd, both 80 and 443 are LISTEN.

Certificate doesn’t expire for another 2 months.

I have NO idea how, but after stomping around in config.php, changing routers, getting timed out on let’s encrypt … it randomly popped back up. I’m thankful, clueless and concerned.

Pretty sure it just did it’s own thing… Stopped working randomly, and popped back up randomly. Dns tests all proved to be working, it seemed like the cert was the issue, but I tried several times to re cert the let’s encrypt… YIKES, I don’t want this happening again.