Osx calendar account - now what?


I have managed to set up nextcloud on my website server! Yay!
(I also managed to wipe my images folder and files -destroyed my website).

I installed nextcloud calendar.
I installed the os x desktop in Mac Os High Sierra 10.13.4
I added the osx setting from the calendar page to my accounts on my mac.
The nextcloud id and pass did not work but the cpanel login worked and I set up an account.

There is no syncing though! The folders (documents, nextcloud manual pdf etc) sync however.
I added an entry to the nextcloud calendar but it does not show in my desktop. ??

Is there some other setting I need to enable to get my mac calendar to upload/sync with the nexcloud cal and vice versa?


Ok - I used the advanced settings in account on the mac and the nextcloud login - and it downloaded the entry from the server I made.
How do I get it to sync upward - from my mac to the server?