OSX 10.9.5 desktop client sync fails upon new install

Hey there,
I installed the mac client on a computer running osx 10.9.5 (Mavericks) it failed to do an initial sync. I currently have 2 mac clients on 10.12.4, Linux Mint 18.1, Android 7.x without any issues.

How can I get the data initialized on this desktop?
thank you for all the efforts and assistance!

it appears I deleted the file on the host file system and nextcloud did not reference the change, interesting all the clients kept the file, only syncing a new install broke the sync until I deleted the file on the browser. Then all copies on the other cleints had it removed and the new install sync was able to proceed.

The question is, in cases where perhaps for example malware or viruses are detected in user repositories can Nextcloud deal with removing files without breaking functionality?