OS X Finder - tree node arrows disappeared?

Hi, I’m really not sure if there’s a connection but I noticed that right after I installed the desktop client on OS X (10.12.1) the node arrows in the finder’s list view that usually show next to folders with subdirectories are gone, but only in my homedir. Did anyone encounter similar behaviour?

What do you mean? The small icons that indicate the sync-status? Can you share a screenshot?

When a folder has subdirectories then in the finder’s list view there are little arrow icons to its left which, when you click on them (or press [CMD]+[→]), turn by 90 degrees and uncollapse the subdir tree, just like in the upper part of the attached image (The folders shown all have subfolders).
However, those icons are missing in my home folder and although I am not sure I think they disappeared when I installed the Nextcloud desktop client on my system:

Ok, now it’s clear what you are meaning. I don’t have this problem but I’m still using the owncloud-client (Nextcloud is just theming for the moment). If you haven’t synced a lot, you could try to deinstall if it still appears, and perhaps try the ownCloud-client (because within building the OS X packages, there have been some SSL issues only on the Nextcloud version: https://github.com/nextcloud/client_theming/issues/13).

But what exactly would my problem have to do with SSL issues?
Besides the different theming I believe there’s also a difference in the software licensing of Nextcloud compared to ownCloud, isn’t there?

Nothing. Except that the packages are built differently and that, like for this SSL issue, there could be bugs in the Nextcloud client but not in the owncloud one. By testing the owncloud client, you could figure out if there is a general problem or if this is due to the building and theming process.

It turns out a little googling helped me find out the issue is apparently not connected with Nextcloud: missing expansion triangles in finder

In my case these icons have disappeared. I created a new topic.