Organizr - Nextcloud bug

Hello !
I’m a student in university and i have a school project.

I don’t have a good english, but i will try to explain my issue.

My project is to create a centralized website(organizr) with CloudAccess (nextcloud) and why not a SupportTickerPlateform (with GLPI)

I have nginx reverse proxy (host by VPS), that i use in vpn site to site to my home lab.
reverse proxy <------internet-vpn-------> homelab

In my homelab i’ve got :

  • Openmediavault
    - Portainer / Docker
    * Organizr (docker)
    * Nextcloud (docker)

  • I use Organizr with a domain name (xxx.yyyy fr) and for Nextcloud (cloud.yyyy fr)

  • I enable the possibility to use iframe from nextcloud to organizr.

So i can go to my organizr link with no problem & That work perfectly when i go to the login page of nextcloud by iframe.

The problem come when i try to login into the dashboard of nextcloud.
When i’m in organizr, the loading wheel is infinite and when i refresh the page, i can’t see anything.

Loading wheel
after refresh the page

But when i go with the browser to cloud.yyyy fr it’s work fine and i have all the access to my files.

Issue 2.

When i’m testing the collaborative work, its a infinite loading too when i try to open the files for editing.

Thank you for your help…