Organizing photos on iOS

Hello there,

I am currently thinking about switching from Android to iOS. There is only one thing holding be back at the moment: The organization of photos.

On Android I am able to sort all my photos into albums which are directories on the filesystem level and thus can be accessed the same way on my desktop machines. ā†’ Just files in directories

I am wondering how you can achieve this on iOS as the default (built-in iOS) photos app does only support albums but does not put the pictures into separate directories.

So dear iOS-users, Iā€™d love to hear from you about:

  • How do you organize your photos on your phone?
    • Do you use the standard iOS photos app?
    • Do you use then nextcloud photos app?
    • Do you use other services (like immich)?
  • Can you access the organized photos from other devices (such as a desktop) as well?