Organize Sublists?

Is there anyway to get sublists, like on Todoist or TickTick?

I don’t know that applications but afaik the tasks app already provides a function to create sub tasks. If you click on the 3-dots menu behind a task, you can choose “Add subtask” to create one.

Subtasks are there, but not sublists (nested lists).
@sourvader you would need to make a feature-request.

So, I understand that these two options are different. Can you please give me an example how they differ, because it’s the first time that I hear about it.

BTW, it seems that a feature request already exists for this function.

Thanks, guys.

@j-ed sure, a lot of the task apps now have a Group or “nested list / sublist” feature, which allows you to not only create subtasks, but also create a collection of lists if the lists are related to the same topic.

Here’s Microsoft’s ToDo:

Here’s ToDoist:

Hi there,
I’m wondering if the implementation of this feature (sub or neasted lists) is considered or not.
Is there any chance that we might see it in a near future ?

The problem with this, as far as I understand it, is that the CalDAV standard does not support it. You could probably implement it to the Tasks app, but you would not be able to synchronize it poroperly with other CalDAV compatible apps. Microsoft To-Do and Todoist are properitary apps, which use their own protocols or APIs.