Org Split - Migrating some users and data

We have a need to move some next cloud users to another server along with their data.

However relevant this may be, the users are authenticated via LDAP, which is available to both nc instances for the time being.

Is there an official way for this to be done server side without the users having to re-sync the folders with the new server ?

We are on the latest 22 build on both instances as well.

Thank you

I think it is not possible. Because of the new (second) nextcloud there is a new hostname and all e.g. shares are wrong (hostname and share-name).

I think the best possibility is to create empty accounts for the user on the new (second) nextcloud and give them migration tutorials.

a.) using federation
the user can migrate the data with “federation”. But perhaps it is error prone. Test it first with a lot of data.

b.) using nextcloud client (e.g. windows) for sync
the user can sync the data to local and then from local to new (second) nextcloud. I think there are less errors but the data must moved through local computer. Test it first with a lot of data.

I think the best way is that
a.) the user moves his own data
b.) the user deletes his own data on the first (old) nextcloud

Why? Perhaps you can extend your first nextcloud.