Option to delete images in the gallery of the nextcloud version 18 has disappeared

The new update of nextcloud to version 18 made the option to delete images in the gallery and in the nextcloud image viewer disappear and I really need this function because the thumbnails are no longer large and you often open a photo and do not have the option to delete it there you have to close and find the thumbnail to delete.

So I would like to ask the developer to put this option again in the next version.

If possible they could help me with some solution.

And I would like to add one more caveat, where the gallery app on Android does not load the photos

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You should take part of this here :

I will do the same


Still no option to delete images. Github issue closed. Any info on this or alternative Gallery/Photos app?

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Just another never fixed thing in Nextcloud i believe. I’m not coder at all, but sometimes i think, there is no other way to fix those all problems, because i believe the guys behind NC don’t care about users at all. They do not listen, do not fix, just add many new, fancy things, that are for i don;t know really who.


That issue is now locked, so no longer a solution…
But this one is still open: Reinstate the delete trashcan button in Viewer · Issue #147 · nextcloud/viewer · GitHub
The confusion in some of the issues is that there is the Files tab and the Photos tab, so it is not clear to everyone what “Viewer” refers to.