Option in ../nextcloud/config/config.php for sort date

Have a question:

Scanning all files from time to time in nextcloud is a good idea if having trouble with files not properly recognized / synchronized and so on.

In my case i use the sort function in nextcloud “from new to old” instead of “from A to Z”.
I prefer this because new entries are sticky in first position.

Scanning all files “detroy” this date because nextcloud seems to use this scan date as “sort date”.

Is there any option in config.php that makes nextcloud use another date e.g. “first-upload-date” instead to have the function “sort from new to old” stable?

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Hello …

Not on my knowledge

In this case, there is an issue somewhere and you should identify and fix it. Working around that, adding new options etc. increases the complexity of the whole setup. You need the core function (data sync) to work reliably.

How can i check on my server side if this module is activated.
Searching for keywords “data sync” / “synchronization” delivers no hits.

My /var/www/nextcloud/apps dir also has no folders like “data sync”


Any ideas how to check if every (core) function is enabled properly?


Normally you synchronise stuff via clients. If they don’t show errors all the time or create conflicts, I suppose that it works. The logfile can be insteresting as well, if there are a lot of serious errors, you probably want to know.

For some performance checks, there are code snippets to create a lot of files and let them upload by the client, e.g.PUT requests very SLOW · Issue #11588 · owncloud/core · GitHub
In your case, you could check on the server side, if everything was uploaded well.

Just found, that the mtime of a file should be preserved during scans:

And for folders, there is an open report:

I’m just throwing the links at you and didn’t go through all the details myself. You’ll probably find more related reports on the bug tracker.


yes in most cases i don’t have any errors with the desktop client apps (Windows, Linux)
But i am using external folders → mounted as NFS Shares
So it could happen that someone uploads a file not via Nextcloud Client or WebUI but directly to the NFS Server. Not only in this case but sometimes Nextcloud don’t synchronize properly those files coming via another upload procedure than NC itself.

Never the less my problem seems to be an old one as i can see here

and also here

The mtime “bug” also has impact on the Activities that normaly show latest activity by date from new → old

I will have to investigate more on github and NC Forum here …

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