Optimum video file size for casting video via the video playback plugin and over the internet

Hello, not sure if the given thread is the most appropriate for my query (concerning video playback plugin - mp4 in particular). What is the suggested average and maximum file size for video files? The featured usage is for the www and considering average (around 10 Mbps) internet bandwidth?


I guess this is more dependent on your Server Infrastructure (CPU, RAM, Disk, Upload Rate) and you number of viewers than on nextcloud restriction. I dont know if the Video Viewer app has restriction, but i assume, that you will not hit it as easy as you may fear.

Because you talk about average Bandwith: Whats you upload capacity? Is the 10Mbit a guess on your users Bandwidth or is it what you have in place?

ok fair enough, well the addition of videos is made via the server’s filesystem, a typical user would not upload such content, only play it back via the flle-manager’s video plugin. I wonder if there is any such equation, given the list of system performance parameters and bandwidth constraints to produce a abstract video file profile.

Isn’t the videos bitrate a good indication for the necessary internet bandwidth?

However right now my impression is, that the video player isn’t ideal for watching/ streaming bigger videos.
I have videos in Full-HD quality with sizes of 500 MB to 3 GB and struggle to enjoy watching the videos. There seems to be no real (or no good) caching.
The videos rather jump from image to image and first when the whole video is cached (or let’s say downloaded in the background) I can hit the play button again to really watch it as a video.
Don’t know if that is only an issue on my server. But with 40 MBit/s upload speed this shouldn’t be a problem.

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Their Download is your Upload :wink:

I googled you a video bandwidth calculator:


Just set a bandwidth you can live with and use the calculator (or any other) to know what resolution and so forth you need to meet that bandwidth.


Apologies, excellent link! Thank you very much!

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