Optimized image for Raspberry3


i’m using NextCloud on a rapsberry PI2, and i’ll install a new instance on a Raspberry Pi3. Is there a fresh and optimized image file for it anywhere ?

Thanks !

snap or no-snap? that’s the question… :wink:

If non-snap (would be Nextcloud Box image) then have a look at NextcloudPi: https://ownyourbits.com/
They made great progress here to build a plug&play easy to configure RPi optimized Neztcloud image.

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as much as i myself do love nextcloudpi (and am running it myself) and as often as i suggest it to users b/c it’s really greatly maintained by @nachoparker (mostly) as fair i do need to be and tell you that you could slot your sd-card from raspi2 into raspi 3 and perform an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade then to have the newest possible version on your pi3 (pls have in mind that you should do a full backup beforehand - better safe than sorry).

but again - this just counts only in terms of if you don’t run a snappy version of nc on your pi2


hmmm, i’m using raspberry with domoticz, but not that much, i’m not using linux each day, so my question :slight_smile:

what’s the difference between the snap or no-snap versions ?

is this a software (that runs under linux) or an operating system by it’s own?

snap is meant to be more or less a install-and-let-it-run version… where the snap-maintainer is taking care of updating and such. it’s the “easiest” way of installing NC. but it comes with pros and cons. one con could turn out to be: most probably you can’t install any other software side by side to it that’s not offering a snap-version of it’s own.

no-snap version: a bit harder to install plus you need to do some maintanence yourself. but you could install other software side-by-side to it. plus: if you already have nextcloud installed it prolly means you have already data stored which you don’t wanna lose.

To further that -

Snap is fully locked down, read-only.
No-snap can be tweaked as you like - change php, mysql, apache settings no problem.

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Hi @JimmyKater @JasonBayton

You seem to have tried both solutions. How is it harder to install NCP than snap? For NCP you plug the SD card image in and it is already running when it boots.

Also I believe that it does not have ‘extras’ such as letsencrypt out of the box. Correct me if I am wrong.

Does the snap do the DDNS, CA certificate, port forwarding and the rest for you?

NextCloudPi also has some security hardenings amongst many other ‘extras’

NextCloudPi web

Also if you use snap with the snappy ubuntu core, the need to create an ubuntu account could be a hurdle for some users. But yeah, no misconfiguration possible anymore afterwards.

It isn’t - if you can reimage an SDCard you’re good to go :slight_smile:
I’d sooner people moved away from the snap install tbh, it can get frustrating to work with rather quickly… so promote NCP all you want!

Nope (AFAIK)



That’s a good feature indeed.

@JimmyKater maybe I should leave the ncp autoupdater enabled by default. It has worked well all this time it seems. The problem is that many people want to have control over what is installed, but it can be an opt-out thing instead of opt-in, like unattended upgrades.


Thanks for the support and the info :wink:

@JasonBayton @JimmyKater

another question… does the snap update automatically between NC versions? for instance, from 11 to 12?

Yes it does.

ok, that’s pretty cool, because it has to migrate the apps, database and so on, while keeping user data and config.

I think we can achieve the same thing with docker and some creativity…

Thanks for your response.

Domoticz is a software that runs on linux : Domoticz

i’ll use non-snap version. i’ve not that much time, and my thing is the NextCloudPi image is great on RPi3. You just have to install it on a HDD and not on an SD, then use an external ethernet gigabit, and the system is okay and prompt deployed :wink:

I want to thank you all. I initially thought that there was a specific image of NextCloudPi as there is one of SynCloud.

The system is now far more reactive by installing it on an HDD instead of the SD card.

Many thanks to all. I’ve discover some concepts.