OPTIMIZE TABLE nextcloud.oc_authtoken

Hello All

I have a quick question about the nextcloud.oc_authtoken table.

We use the mysqltuner script to improve the performance of our SQL-Server.
In the recommendation section does it say following:

General recommendations:
    Run OPTIMIZE TABLE to defragment tables for better performance
      OPTIMIZE TABLE `nextcloud.oc_authtoken`; -- can free 81.5 MB
    Total freed space after theses OPTIMIZE TABLE : 81.5 Mb

I’m a bit unshure if this would’t harm my authtokens.
Does this not delet rows in the Table?
The word “defragmenter” does not really sound well

Thanks in advance

you must be very young my friend. de-fragment means re-organize data to avoid white space/gaps left between data after data was removed in between. this operation was pretty common in the past to speed up hard disks. for SQL databases such operation usually means “write the whole table as continuous file” and then replace old file with the new file (SQL DB are known to be very stable but nevertheless - always have good backup).