Opinion on missing folders solution

we have some CIFS mounts mounted in Nextcloud as Local storage and we were experiencing missing folders. After some investigation I found this post (Missing folders, can see locally but not via web interface) which describes our issue. This issue is still present on Nextcloud 21, but it is hard to replicate it (it doesn’t happen too often). Because we are running Nextcloud in production, we can’t have those issues and I would like your opinion on having cron job which would clean filecache table each night. I found that here NC 20.01: Files uploaded to external storage not shown immediately in Webinterface · Issue #23988 · nextcloud/server · GitHub.

DELETE FROM ncfilecache WHERE storage NOT IN (SELECT f.numeric_id FROM ncstorages f);

This SQL query deletes all related information about files which are comming from external storage. This way we wouldn’t be able to see folders sizes but I think that this is better than not seeing folders.
P.S. We have around 600GB data, so we can’t run file-scan.

Thanks for your opinion.