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We are using an internal Nextcloud at my company that we want to share some documents to external parts. Due to only being used for sharing. all the files should be deleted after 7 days.
But we did just get a request from somone that they wanted to share something to an external part with soe contact information etc. So that PDF in particuallar shouldn’t be deleted.

How can we fix so that everything execpt that PDF isn’t getting deleted? I would love if you could change the 2nd “and” in the flows to a “or” or something.

Any idea’s how I can fix this?

Hi :slight_smile:

Why don’t use a special tag for that file and choose “is not tagged with”?

Do you mean like this? :thinking:

Yes, this should do the trick. Now you only have to tag all files that you want to exclude from your deletion rule with the tag.

There is a problem…

As soon as I create a file, that file will get tagged with 7 days deletion (and I want that tag hidden).
So… how can I make it so that that specific file wont get “Delete 7 days”?

Because it will get tagged when it is created, before i tag it with “Saved”

How do you achieve the deletion of the files after seven days? Could you add the condition “is not tagged with” “saved” there, too?

It it achieved with File retention.

Ok, you can only choose one tag there… :confused:

I didn’t try this, but isn’t it possible to remove the 7 days tag after saving the file?

It is, but that also means that everyone would be able to remove the tag so that the file wont be deleted. So I would like to hide it.

I came to think of… Are you able to add and remove tags from files in the CLI? if so… then I would be able to hide all of the tags and just add saved to files in the CLI if needed. But then the question if… how?

You could change the deletion tag from invisible to restricted, I think that way you could remove the tag as Admin but not as a normal user.

Btw, you as an Admin can also see and remove an invisible tag…

Ahh yeah that seems to work… but then everyone that need something saved will need to contact me for that to get tagged. If there isn’t any other way that can do that automatically. Then this is good enough.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

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Another possibility would be to create a directory with the “saved” tag, all files within that directory will get the same tag (not directly, but indirectly from the directory).

So people could upload their files to this folder.

But if you want to let your users choose you could also use a public tag…

The problem with a “public directory” is that everyone would then be able to see all the files that is saved. That wouldn’t be that “safe”.

So I think that the restricted one will be the best choice for us.