OpenWrt Settings for Nextcloud intranet access

Nextcloud version 26
Operating system and version Linux Mint
Running on Raspberry pi 4
updated to bullseye

I’m unable to make Nextcloud accessible after installing OpenWrt on TP-Link Archer A6 router. I just updated the router firmware to OpenWrt from stock firmware and now (NC address) is no longer accessible. I’ve gone through all the router settings trying to spot what change to make, but can’t get Nextcloud accessible. I can no longer access NC system settings. OpenWrt assigned a DCHPv6 address and DUID, but I can’t seem to assign it its previous IPv4 address and get it to work. Am I missing something?

Update: admin closed this post before allowing any replies.
I believe what needs done is on the Nextcloud side, but this admin didn’t allow any responses to let me know that. How does one reset the IP address from within NC via command line?

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Openwrt support is through their channels. Closing this here, but hope you sort out dhcp and such with them at