openSUSE Tumbleweed users and PHP 7.3

Facing an issue with openSUSE Tumbleweed having moved to a PHP version a bit too new for Nextcloud to handle and you accidentally removed Nextcloud during the PHP upgrade zypper offered?

Here’s how to put back PHP 7.3 there as a work-around and re-add Nextcloud - as soon as Nextcloud 18 is out, you can move back to the latest PHP! Commands courtesy of Hans de Raad.

Add the Leap 15.1 PHP73 devel repo:

zypper ar php73leap

Then downgrade PHP:

zypper install --oldpackage php7-7.3.13-lp151.4.1
zypper install --oldpackage apache2-mod_php7-7.3.13-lp151.4.1

And (re)install Nextcloud if needed:

zypper info nextcloud
zypper install nextcloud
systemctl restart apache2

You should be back up & running!

I personally run Nextcloud from the tarball directly (built in updates) on OpenSUSE LEAP - which doesn’t break things that often :wink: but, as Tumbleweed-on-desktop-and-laptop user, I totally get the attraction of Tumbleweed, even on a server!

Hope this makes people happy!