Opening office files opens as read only

Hello All,

Recently bought a new iPad, using Nextcloud 2.24.1 on it. Our work has a nextcloud server, and I would like to access my files from my iPad (iPadOS 13.1.2)

Opening files from the nextcloud app copies them to excel, word etc, but they open as read only, which isn‘t very helpful to me. Same thing happens when trying to open files from the files app.

All works perfectly on macOS. Any advice? Thanks in advance!

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The iPad only shows “Copy to Word”, whilst my iPhone (same setup) says “open in word”. I’m confused! Any ideas? Same when opening in files App

I have the very same issue. On my iPhone I can both open files on my Nextcloud directly out of the Excel/Word app or just “open” them in Excel from the Nextcloud app. When being on my iPad I cannot open files (situated in my Nextcloud) at all in the Excel app and in the Nextcloud app there is only the option to “copy” them to the Excel App.

Thus, on the iPhone the workflow works flawless (directly open and edit the files via the Excel app). On the iPad I need to copy them into the Excel app, edit them and then reupload them to Nextcloud - not very convenient.

Any help here? Thanks a lot!

Hi roolx - glad I’m not the only one with this problem. I had a hunch it maybe had to do with iPadOS - but my older iPad worked like our iPhones do. Resetting the apps on the iPad, deleting them, all that doesn’t-‘t help.

Any pointers out of the community muchly appreciated!

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Is there any way to report this issue to the app developers?