openHAB Nextcloud Integration

I have also seen some attempts of connections between openHAB and Nextcloud but it seems that there are often difficulties (look at )

r u aware of this app here?

Sorry for the lag and thanks @JimmyKater !

Yes, I had seen it.
In seems that, thanks to that app, I could look at openHAB situation from a Nextcloud instance.

It seems that it is more difficult:

  1. to access Nextcloud data (like e.g. Calendars) from openHab
  2. to have an interaction between the two systems (like e.g. the openHAB instance sends a Talk message to a Nextcloud user)

It is possible that things like will help in having a better interaction

well there already ARE existing suggestions on how to solve your wishes on the linked forum…

look here Send messages from OpenHAB to nextcloud talk? - #3 by DrRSatzteil - 3rd Party - openHAB Community

looky looky [SOLVED] Caldav Personal not reading Nextcloud calendar items - only after update in Nextcloud - Bindings - openHAB Community

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