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I installed nextcloud on windows 10 using docker and it is accessible on localhost:8080, but how can I access it from anywhere & on the mobile app even when not on the same wifi?

Any help is appreciated.

hey @Jon1 and welcome to the user-forums of NC.

Sadly enough you haven’t provided enough detailed infos to give you a clear answer.

So all I could say is: please search the forum for more threads like yours. There are several threada about that.

One of which would tell you: make a vpn-connection from outside to your homeserver and then you could do everything you want there.
otherwise you’d need to ask the manual of how to installing NC correctly.

Good luck

Tecnicially you could portforward Port 8080 from your router to your computer. But I wouldn’t recommend that at all. It would be highly insecure without a proper configuration that at least includes SSL. In addition to that you should never host internet facing services on the same device as you do your daily work! Especially if this device is running windows :wink: I would suggest you stick with the advice of @JimmyKater and use either a VPN or learn some of the basics of how to host public available services securly.

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Windows 10 is not a nice platform for docker/nextcloud. Use a linux server.
It is very easy with or without docker. The links are without docker.

Only operating system, apache2/nginx, php stuff, mariadb, nextcloud and Lets Encrypt.