Open text files in NC Android app issue "Loading takes very long"

When opening text files (most, but not all) from the Android app, I get the message “Loading takes very long”, and the file won’t open. Downloading the file to the phone works though. If I then delete the local file, the issue is back again.

Same issue with Nextcloud 19 and 20. Latest Android app version.

Sometimes disabling / enabling the Text app in the NV server helps, but the issue comes back again.

It’s similar to this:

I’m using Let’s Encrypt cert for the NC FQDN


I have the samw problem, with some .docx and .odt files too. I have Let’s Encrypt certificates too I don’t see anything in the log.
I hypotize that it has something to do with the level of depth of files in the folder structure, but I have yet to test it.

I think I found my issue, that can be different from the one I already saw regarding self-hosted certificates. For me, but I have yet to be sure, the cause is the File access control app.
Here I talk about it.