Open shared Links directly in Onlyoffice

Hello, is there a possibility to open shared Links directly in Onlyoffice?
I have NC Version 15.0.8.


Not sure about OnlyOffice, but I know Collabora does it.

Okay, but i dont think OnlyOffice does that, because when i open a shared Link i can choose between “Download” or “Open in OnlyOffice”. But i want the shared Link to be opened directly in Onlyoffice.

Hi, does anyone know how to do that?

Hi, I use NC 16.0.3. and it seems that you have to generate link yourself…

eg… If you share a file, you get link like and all you need is to modify a link like

So you just paste /apps/onlyoffice in front of the /s/share-name.

Otherwise endusers have to click “Open in ONLYOFFICE” every single time.

Hi, thanks that’s what I’m looking for, but how can i generate this link myself?