Open/free Turn server? What can you do when you use webhosting (no server access)

Hi there,

i just tried out talk - works fine within router environments i can control - but e.g. on a trip, in a hotel or similar it doesn’t.

So if i understand right this is due to limitations on stun server - and could be solved by adding a turn server.

My question now - as i “only” use normal webhosting and for some time this probably will not change: i could find tons of free stun servers - even by websites i would trust (like hosters i know) - but when it comes to turn servers this looks different to my findings.

So my question is: are there open turn servers i could use? Do you know about a list - like those you can easily find for stun servers? Any other idea about what you would do in a case like mine: where you only have a normal webhoster - with no server access (besides ftp)?

thx but what you mentioned is not a solution that can not be used on normal webhosting.
Thats why i wrote “no server access (besides ftp)”

So i mean either software that can be installed with minimum system requirements (probably there is none that can be installed with ftp access only).
But furthermore i mean already installed turn servers by others which you could use.