Onlyoffice won't open on Nextcloud 18 (Hub) for some users in our office

Nextcloud: 18.0.0
community document server App: 0.1.4
Onlyoffice App: 4.1.4

Hello Forum,

I’ve recently upgraded our Nextcloud to version 18. Prior to this I had Nextcloud version 17 installed and I ran my own onlyoffice server on a separate server to Nextcloud. Our office had no issues opening office documents in Nextcloud using my separate onlyoffice servers.

Now that I’ve upgraded to Nextcloud 18, I’ve installed the community document server and ensured the onlyoffice app points to our Nextcloud thereby using the community document server. As the Admin on our Nextcloud I can open documents (Word and Excel) on our Nextcloud in Onlyoffice with no issues on Chrome (version 78) and Brave (version 1.2.43 Chromium). I use Windows 10 x64 and I am an Admin on my computer.

Our Secretary cannot open documents in our Nextcloud server. She uses a Windows 10 x64 with User access (she is not an Admin on her computer). Her version of Chrome is newer at version 79. She can login to Nextcloud with no issues. But when she opens a document in Nextcloud, a new tab opens (we open documents in new tab as expected) but the page is left blank and onlyoffice does not try to load.

I’m not seeing any errors on Nextcloud when she tries to open a document.

Can someone provide some direction for me please on what else needs to be done to fix this issue on her computer?

Thank you.

Our secretary used to be able to

Try to use F12 to see console errors on your browser.
I’ve seen some errors recently on the JavaScript side about using cross site resources.

You may wanna check the document server log instead of Nextcloud.
But since onlyoffice is heavy on JavaScript, then checking for browser errors seems to be a better call.

Finally, I’ll encourage you to use the issue template to paint a better picture of the issue on following issues.


We have the issue. It works for some users but not for others.
Chrome console shows:

Refused to display ‘’ in a frame because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “frame-ancestors ‘self’”.