Onlyoffice with NC Hub - no entry created in the '+' menu

Hi all

I just upgrade my NC server from v17 to v18 Hub using the manual update procedure described in the Admin manual.
It went well and I have now a well functioning 18.0.2 version.

I then installed the 2 apps needed to get OnlyOffice integrated : Community Document Server v0.1.5 and Onlyoffice v4.1.4

I got then an ONLYOFFICE menu in the admin section.
The document server field has been automatically updated with my nextcloud server address (https://mydomaine/nextcloud). It is the address I connect to with my web browser.
I use Letsencrypt for the SSL certificate.

I use NGINX and I have rebooted my server.

Still, when I connect to my nextcloud server using a web browser (admin user or another regular user), I don’t have any entry when I click on the ‘+’ button on the documents page.

What have I missed ?

Thanks for your support!

Hi again

Forgot to say I have tried to install ONLYOFFICE before Community Document Server and the other way around but it has not changed anything.

Thanks for your support!

Hi again

In fact, with a bit of luck, I found the solution (hope so at least).

For the 2 fields related to document edition service (the 2nd one is within the advanced settings area), I entered https://mydomain/nextcloud/apps/documentserver_community/

And it works !

So, adding /apps/documentserver_community after the nextcloud server address seems to do the trick.

If you think I have overlooked something, do not hesitate to let me know !