ONLYOFFICE Version on Hansson VM

I’ve just finished setting up a VM using the scripts from Hansson IT
I chose that way because I already had a fresh Ubuntu 20 VM laying around ready to go.

Everything went well until I tried to run the OnlyOffice app in Safari and it didn’t work. I had it working an another VM that I had set up from scratch so I compared them.

On my Hansson VM when I go to settings → ONLYOFFICE and click save it says:
On my other VM which supports Safari just fine it says:

So my Question is:
Does anyone know how to get the Hansson VM to update the ONLYOFFICE document server version?

The installation of the ONLYOFFICE document server is not where I expected it based upon my other installation. I love the Hansson installation process and scripts but not being able to find and update packages is concerning me.

One additional thing, I am not using docker, I’m using the integrated version of ONLYOFFICE.

cc @enoch85


Onlyoffice always gets the latest from Appstore. There’s no special about it.

Try running the update script and see if it helps.

Glad you like the VM btw! :slight_smile:

The latest version of the Nextcloud “Community Document Server”, as they call it, is 1.1.0, which includes the OnlyOffice Desktop Editors in version 6.3.1. I have installed it on my test instance and I guess the Nextcloud App Store packages lagging somewhat behind the official Docker releases. If you always want to have the latest and greatest I recommend using Docker.

AFAIK the Hansson VM even provides an install script for the Docker version…? But I could be wrong about that, it’s been a while since I tried the VM.

Thanks for the responses.

I did try the update script but nothing changed.
The VM was indeed running the latest ONLYOFFICE app, just not the latest ONLYOFFICE Document server.
I also tried the choosing the docker version of the document server but couldn’t seem to get that to work at all.

It all makes sense now. I see that the app store is behind. I had not originally found the document server available on the app store, just the plugin app.

I have now just finished building a Nextcloud installation from scratch.
I installed the 6.4.2 debian package from and put it on separate VM.

This way has certainly been more work than using the Hansson VM. Having to figure out all the dependancies and permissions is what makes Linux less than pleasant, but I have a much better understanding of the installation now and a true appreciation for the work that went into the Hansson VM.

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Yes we do. You can choose to install the “internal version” from App Store, or with Docker. :+1:

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