ONLYOFFICE secret key required when on the same server as Nextcloud?

Is there any point to setting a Secret Key when running the Community Document Server with the ONLYOFFICE connector in Nextcloud Hub II 23.0.3 in Docker?

A quick internet search says the secret key is required by OnlyOffice Connector.

According to this post, documentation on the secret key is available here

And here is the connector github and readme with instructions for setting this up in Nextcloud

Yes, I’d already found all that info; but none of it answers the question. My question is whether it does anything useful to set a secret key when you’re using the Community Document Server built in as an app? In other words, is there any way to access the ONLYOFFICE server w/o a Nextcloud password, in this configuration? (If there is, I couldn’t figure it out.)

So again, is there any point to using a Secret Key in this configuration?

According to the docs the key is used for both security and data integrity. It says it is required for connecting to Nextcloud. So, my understanding is that it is mandatory in all configurations.

Your best bet for further info on the secret key would be to check with onlyoffice. Or, ask the connector devs for more clarification.

Please do update us if you learn more.

OO is working without a key, but there is the possibility for others to use your OO-installation with their nextcloud if you don’t set one (at least if you’re running OO in a docker-version).
I would suggest to set secret keys always as long as it doesn’t lead to problems.