ONLYOFFICE Save Copy as unable to change file name

Nextcloud Version: 20.0.6
ONLYOFFICE Version: 6.2.0

When previewing a document (such as a .docx file) you can click “File -> Save Copy as”. This brings up file extension types like .docx, .pdf, .rtf etc. then a “Save as” window that lets you choose the file location.

My question: is there any way to save the document to a different name? The save dialogs do not give the option to type a new name. So “file.docx” can be saved as “file(1).docx” (automatically named if saved in the same directory) or “file.pdf” but not “newfilename.docx”. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Not trying to dig up an old post, but this is a legit issue. Not having this function in a normal file system manner has turned many in my organization away from Nextcloud. This issue has caused confusion as to what the file name is and where it was saved. Many in my org have feared they lost the document.

Is this a bug or feature? Is this a Nextcloud or ONLYOFFICE thing?