ONLYOFFICE questions

Hi All,

Doing a little research about ONLYOFFICE with nextcloud before I try to get it setup.

Does the ONLYOFFICE document server have to be installed on a different server from the Nextcloud server? I currently have a LAMP Ubuntu 16.04 running the nextcloud13 server.

Can the ONLYOFFICE Document Server reside inside the LAN only? or does it have to be webfacing like the nextcloud server?

Can someone access the document from outside the nextcloud web UI?


  1. Theoretically it can run on the same server, but I never managed to do so except with Docker.
  2. I think it is possible to run it in a LAN. But Nextcloud also works as far as I know.
  3. You can share a public link for people without an account, otherwise there is a client secret that you can configure to prevent direct access to the OO document server.

This works on one domian only