OnlyOffice performance editing with multiple users


We run the latest NC with a licensed OnlyOffice. The network and server loads are low but OO performance is poor when multiple (3+) people open a document. The server we run OO on in the mean time is basically falling asleep.

Has anyone figured out any tuning options for this type of issue or are they perhaps non existent for you?


You have an OO license but you still host OO on your own server?

We host our own NC with OO, if you want more then a certain open docs at a time you need a license.

Just to know if you have a self hosted OO.
So its an issue with your config I think. I have OO on an very old laptop and no problem (even with 3 users).
I followed this . You can check ?

The same document?

From my experience, standalone OO server is the most reliable way to run it…

We run it on a Ubuntu server installed per the official guide. This standalone server has 6 vcpu’s and 8 GB of ram.

The performance issues happen with multiple people in any document. Something that might be a problem is if one user has a bad connection, it could ruin the experience of all users in the same document. Not sure if this is the case though.