Onlyoffice one click install - where is the file default.json


I managed to install onlyoffice one click thanks to the plugins "Community Document Server ". I had a parameter named “sessionidle” that I would like to put back to force the backup of my documents.

The problem is that I can’t find the “default.json” file since I installed via the plugins.

Does anyone know where this file is?

@Floflobel So, as long as you have access to the directory, it should be located at “NEXTCLOUD_ROOT_DIR/apps/documentserver_community/” however, I did a search for “default.json” in that folder and there isn’t a file directly named that in my folder/subfolders because I did the same thing as you.

Also, did you install the OnlyOffice App?

@foxhoundvenom Indeed I also did this search all over my system to make sure it is not somewhere else but I found nothing. I also tried a grep of the parameter “sessionidle” in all the folders.

Yes I have the plugin “onlyoffice” and “documentserver_community” installed.

I’m going to keep searching the plugin folder to see if I see anything.

Could you please elaborate on this a little more. Did you create this? Is this a workflow, cronjob?

@foxhoundvenom No I try to add this parameter but I can’t find a configuration file since the installation with the plugins.

@Floflobel It looks like there is a lot of php that goes into the setup… you might try looking into “NEXTCLOUD_ROOT_DIR/apps/documentserver_community/lib/OnlyOffice/AutoConfig.php” There are some other folders in the OnlyOffice folder with other php files that might help.