Onlyoffice not working?

Problem with OnlyOffice, seperate URL with different protocol

I am running docker-compose example of “fpm insecure” using reverse proxy running with

i am running onlyoffice, with port but with DIFFERENT! reverse proxy and with different domain. It has Lets encrypt certificate and it is reachable "

lets say the onlyoffice url is

Document Server is running".

When i go to settings->onlyoffice, and i type the url, it gives me: Error when trying to connect (cURL error 7: Failed to connect to port 8888:

i have ‘allow’local_remote_servers’ => true,

'overwrite.cli.url => ‘’ ( ! its not the onlyoffice one, i dont know how i can add multiple overwrite.cli.urls… maybe thats the problem?)

‘overwritehost’ => ‘

‘trusted_proxies’ =>


0 => ‘’,

1 => ‘’’


‘trusted_domains’ => array(

0 => ‘


what do i have to do ? i think the issue is that it tries to connect with altough i write in the Document Editing Service address