OnlyOffice not working when restore old file version

I am using OnlyOffice all things working fine
but If we restore older version of file and go to edit then its not allow to edit on file.
I don’t understand why ??

To understand this issue follow these steps…
Make sure you have installed “OnlyOffice” app for Nextcloud

Step -1
Create any docx / xlsx and add some content on file and save.
example am creating “test.docx”

Step -2
Edit “test.docx” and add or delete some content.

Step -3

Restore old version

Step -4
Now Edit “test.docx” , You can see here you can not able to edit this file.

Are you talking about the Microsoft Office ??? You can use the Word art in the office and can visit hp printer support for downloading new firmware for printing purposes.

thank u,

but i am talking about OnlyOffice nextcloud app.

thank you for the information

I cannot confirm this issue. When I open a docx in OnlyOffice and change something, store it and restore the old version, then - upon opening the restored version - I will get a dialog that indeed tells me, that this document can’t be edited, but if I try again, the restored document gets loaded.

Seems, that OnlyOffice has a cache of documents, it edited and compares the hash of the newly opened document against the one it has in it’s cache. However, OnlyOffice then re-opens the retsored version and everything looks ok to me. My recent changes have been reverted and I can edit the document as always.

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