Onlyoffice not syncing changes to uploaded files

Hello. today I installed proxmox LXC turnkeylinux container with Nextcloud 18.0.4. I resolved problem with “timeout” while installing Onlyoffice and succesfull yinstalled Onlyoffice from App center. I installed Lets encrypt certificate using confconsole.

I have no problem if I create new file inside Nextcloud with Onlyoffice (using “Document” button). BUT if I upload my .docx file from computer I´m able to edit it with Onlyoffice but no changes are back in Documents folder. No version, no history and if I download file to my cpmputer no changes at all. BUT in Onlyoffice there are all changes, only if I open it with OO.

So this must be that changes are in OO cache and are not written back to NC. Please could you help me? Thanks.

WOW after 4 hours one of the edited (uploaded from my pc in origin) files finally updated its time of editing and changes (done in Onlyoffice) are in Nextcloud now. Maybe it takes realy sooooo long to finish the session (OO editing) on the background? Where could be problem?

Indeed I have the same problem, it would seem that the file is sent every X times. I had found some time ago the “sessionidle” parameter ( which made it possible to force the closure of the current edition if someone was absent. And so be able to save the document in onlyoffice.

I opened a topic to find the configuration file and to be able to set this parameter:

The problem is that there seems to be another parameter since the installation via plugins that only saves every X hours.