Onlyoffice not saving (nextcloud + external storage + active directory)


First time writing for an issue that I couldn’t solve by reading posts and forum… spent quite long to try solving it by myself but ran into a wall…

OnlyOffice installed with documentserver community edition would not save the changes on documents located on an external storage. (Seems to work fine on group folders and nextcloud folders -local- ).

That is a huge problem since most of my files are located on a NAS and I need collaboration tools.


  • Nextcloud version (installed with preconfigured VM under ubuntu)
  • Onlyoffice v4.3.0
  • Documentserver community v0.7.7
  • Using activedirectory to authenticate the users
  • External storage 1.10.0. mounted with smb protocol


  • Try several ways of identification for external storage including the two recommanded “global identification” and “credentials saved in database”
  • using cron every 5 minutes / added a line into crontab (www-data) to force flushing document server
  • Added “allow_local_remote_servers” in config.php
  • deactivated file versionning
  • added a Enabe.DiskUUID = True under the VMware virtual machine configuration

None of the above made any change.
Onlyoffice / documentserver don’t write any modification on the file.
(one point to mention though : Onlyoffice can create an empty file on the external storage)

The changes kept in cache before flushing disappeared after the cron job tried to write the file.
I can’t find any error to help me tracking this problem.

Any help and direction where to look for would be greatly appreciated.