OnlyOffice Nextcloud, comunity server intergration?

I am wondering if it is possible to use the OnlyOffice comunity server instead of the Documents server with the nextcloud app. I would like to have the project management feature (Gantt chart) within my nextcloud and possibly the mail server.

Hello @Progdrasil
Connecting NextCloud to Communtity Server is not an issue but it should be done in a little different way.
You may install Community Server and Mail Server together with Document Server in docker - it may be either open source Community Edition or commercial Enterprise Edition. Comparison of these two solutions you may see on our website. After the installation you will be able to integrate NextCloud in ONLYOFFICE just by entering your credentials - no integration app will be needed.
Thus you will receive a full OnlyOffice installation with the abilities to manage documents, projects, emails, etc. and also work with documents from your ownCloud instance in it.

@JohnPerkin I already did that too, that woks fine, but is there a possibility to share the user credentials between the communityserver and the nexcloud?

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You could use LDAP for that:
but it is a bit complicated to set up and OnlyOffice sadly only supports it in its Enterprise edition.

I think a native user integration via the document server Nextcloud app would be nice to have.

Hello @dev0
On the current moment credentials for ownCloud and OnlyOffice could not be shared. Please describe in details what scenario would you like to involve and we will take it into consideration.

@JohnPerkin If you asking me so directly, what do you thing about openID?