Onlyoffice Mail Merge (Serienbrief) not working

Hi there,

i have installed nextcloud through the plesk extension and everything works fine.
Onlyoffice and the Community Document Server are working and uptodate.

I’m trying to use mail merge between a spreadsheet and a textdocument, but always get an errormessage when i try to import the xlsx file: Fehler beim Laden (error at loading).
I have created a spreadsheet in the same folder, according to this helppage:

Has anyone else had this error and knows a fix? The error is so unspecific, i have no idea what could be the cause.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

i think that might be a problem of OO itself.

Thanks for the hint, i just posted it on the onlyoffice-nextcloud github :+1:

would you link the issue back to here and earn a “solution”-checkmark? :wink:

oh sure, here it is:

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