OnlyOffice live editing?

Does OnlyOffice in NextCloud support the live editing features of OnlyOffice?
I have OnlyOffice setup with NextCloud, and are able to create documents and save them.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like multi-user live editing of documents is working.
So I ask in general, does OnlyOffice have support for live editing in NextCloud?

I have done the same and it works great.


It works both in single user and multi user modes.
Could you please provide us with any additional information about the issue.
Please note that the document is saved to the nextcloud storage when all tabs with the editor are closed.

Hi ibnpetr,

Thanks for the reply.
In my testing, when 2 users open the same document, they each only see the document as it was opened. They cant see any changes being made to the document while it is open. They each only see themselves in the list of users editing the document. Only the changes made by the last person to close the tab are the ones that persist. The persisting changes are shown to both users when they repon the document.

This is with a new install of nextcloud & onlyoffice.
Using ssl for both systems.
Co-othering mode: fast

Nextcloud version: 12.0.3
OnlyOffice document server version: 4.4.3-7
OnlyOffice app: 1.1.5

Hello @craige1,

The reason of the issue is that one of the users who tries to co-edit the file has the control version plug-in on and another one has it in off mode. According to the logs, file is being opened with different version keys (users are editing different versions of one file) and that’s why co-editing is unavailable.

Please try to turn off version control plug-in or turn it on for all users to solve the problem.